Case Screening and Intake: Triage, Case Prioritization, and Finding the Innocence Case

Location: Nautilus 4
Date: Fri, March 24
Time: 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM

Every innocence organization has the same goals: to find legitimate claims of innocence, to determine which cases can be rejected, and to do it all with limited resources and time.  As such, proper case screening and intake processes are critical to effective innocence work and to maximizing resources for your project.  This session will explore general intake procedures, screening criteria, and review various Network members' intake systems across the country, focusing on case prioritization, case scoring, and triage.  The panel comprises representatives from three of the largest innocence organizations in the country, and each will bring their wealth of experience and knowledge to the discussion on best practices in the case screening process.

201: Intermediate