Engagement of the Exonerated in the Innocence Movement

The roundtable will explore how the engagement of exonerees in the policy reform process may change the exonerated themselves, the innocence movement, and possibly the criminal justice system. Qualitative data will be presented from two exploratory research studies: (1) with three innocence movement personnel and five exonerees engaged in policy reform work; and (2) with ten exonerees from New York State, examining post-release experiences and struggles faced by wrongfully convicted individuals. A new database of exonerees engaged in policy reform work and of organizations founded/led by the exonerated will be introduced. Exonerees and innocence movement personnel will share their lived experiences of educating, generating awareness, and advocating about wrongful conviction and the power of having the human voice and face in front of legislators, the public, and the media to vividly portray that "if they can do it to me, they can do it to anybody."

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