Exonerated Women Speak Out - Hear Our Voices

A diverse group of exonerated women will share the physical, emotional, social and material challenges they faced post-exoneration— both immediately after release and now—  and what they still need to rebuild their shattered lives and productively reengage with life. They will also discuss the creative and resourceful strategies that are helping them cope with the reality of life after exoneration and the consequences of wrongful conviction, e.g. posttraumatic symptoms, physical health, mental health, stigmatization, compensation, jobs, relationships, and quality of life. The women will have an opportunity to speak out and be heard by other exonerated individuals who have been there and understand what they are going through, as well as by the broader audience of innocence movement activists and advocates providing support and assistance to the exonerated and working to promote social justice and criminal justice reform. All session attendees are invited to participate.

101: Beginner