Legal, Investigative and Public Advocacy Efforts in High Profile Wrongful Convictions

High profile innocence cases require special attention to the interplay between the legal defense, reinvestigation and the public support efforts on behalf of the wrongfully convicted. These three tools of the defense are often inextricably linked. Ultimately, all three pieces are essential to the defense effort, but they must be used strategically. The public role of the imprisoned individual is crucial and presents real challenges.The legal, investigative, and the public advocacy teams must be in sync with each other to maximize exoneration efforts. More recent cases profiled in the media such as that of Adnan Syed (Serial) and Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey (Making a Murderer) are examples of the interplay between the media and the law, as were the cases of Marty Tankleff and Damien Echols/WM3.

301: Advanced