Listening Session on Post-Exoneration Support & Resources (For Exonerees and Exoneree Support Persons Only)

Location: Nautilus 3
Date: Sat, March 25
Time: 9:15 AM - 12:00 PM

This listening session for exonerees and exoneree support people will cover two key areas: 
1) the experiences and needs of new family members and new support people, who enter the lives of exonerees after they have already come home;
(2) new resource materials for exonerees and their families to help them navigate the re-entry process and challenges that can follow. 

During the first half of this session we will focus on the role new support people play in providing post-prison support to exonerees. The goal is to hear and learn about the special circumstances affecting these new couples and families and to develop appropriate support. It will be led by exonerees with lived experiences.

During the second half of this session, we invite all exonerees and exoneree support people to provide recommendations and feedback on a proposed set of multi-media materials that will help with navigating the often complex and difficult days, weeks, months, and years following an exoneration. This is a joint project of the MidAtlantic Innocence Project and Healing Justice.

101: Beginner