Litigating Arson, SBS and Other Cases Involving Scientific Shifts

Location: Nautilus 5
Date: Sat, March 25
Time: 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

This session will focus on recognizing shifts in science that can serve as meaningful avenues for post-conviction relief, as well as formulating those shifts into cognizable legal claims in collateral appeals. We will explore shifts in scientific consensus that have occurred in the fields of arson and Shaken Baby Syndrome, including analysis of some more recent and lesser-known developments in these fields. The second part of the discussion will explore the options available for litigating such cases in collateral appeals, including novel legal claims that have been used across the country over the past few years. Continuing an important conversation that began in past conferences, we will explore the progress that has been made in litigating such cases and the possibilities that presents for the future. There will be time for questions regarding litigation challenges that others have encountered in science-based cases.

301: Advanced

Litigating Arson, SBS and Other Cases