Living Meditation: A Session in Self Care for Innocence Practitioners

Location: Nautilus 2
Date: Fri, March 24
Time: 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM

Throughout the ages, meditation and other ancient techniques have been practiced to promote health and as a means to achieving greater inner-peace, inner-growth and to cope with inner-turmoil. David Wagner is a professional meditation teacher and long-time practitioner who first started using meditation as a way to battle his own personal addictions and challenges. In this session, David will introduce you to basic meditation techniques that can help you handle the different stressors related to innocence work. You'll have the opportunity to discuss with him and other participants issues that you'd like to tackle through meditation. You'll also participate in a guided group meditation with David that will help you to feel more tranquil and give you hands-on meditation experience. 

101: Beginner