Podcasting for Innocence

Location: Nautilus 3
Date: Sat, March 25
Time: 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM

Podcasting for and about innocence is a revolutionary form not only of storytelling, but also of crowdsourcing local investigations, raising your organization's profile and educating the public. This roundtable features different types of podcasting to share ideas and lessons learned. Moderator Dennis Robinson, executive producer of the Undisclosed podcast, one of top ten podcasts ever with over 100 million downloads, will discuss podcasting as a tool for social justice reform. Clare Gilbert of the Georgia Innocence Project will share experiences from an IP and client-advocate perspective of working for a year with the Undisclosed podcast. Brook Gittings, producer of the Actual Innocence podcast, will discuss her approach to podcasting and working with exonerees to tell their stories and address their concerns.  Attorney and podcaster Susan Simpson of the Undisclosed podcast will discuss innocence investigations through podcasting, and share tips for a succeful podcast.

101: Beginner