What Happens After the Cameras Go Away (Exoneree Support Persons Only)

Location: Room 511
Date: Sat, March 25
Time: 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM

This will be a sharing circle intended for the intimate support people of exonerees, i.e., spouses, significant others, relatives and friends who reside with their exonerees. It will be an open discussion with three panelists who have experienced the joy, trauma and aftermath of being in an intimate supportive role with an exoneree. These supporters know the physical, emotional, medical, social and familial needs and deficits of their formerly incarcerated loved ones, and they have learned to perform a delicate balancing act between wife, mother, spouse, caretaker, counselor and personal shopper.  They hope to teach other support people how to be a guiding star without being overwhelming and how not to not lose sight of your own needs in the process.  

101: Beginner