When the Courthouse Doors are Closed: Clemency and Commutation

Location: Nautilus 3
Date: Sat, March 25
Time: 1:45 PM - 3:00 PM

We sometimes find that while we believe in our client's innocence, the courts have denied relief, claims have been procedurally barred or evidence has disappeared.  When fear the case may not meet the legal standard to overturn the conviction, we are forced to look at alternative avenues to freedom. One avenue that is available is clemency and/or commutation. Although this option is easy to apply for, to successfully gain clemency is not a clear-cut path and there are many issues to consider. This panel will discuss when clemency/commutation should be made an option, what issues to address, what materials to include, what experts, witnesses or family members should testify, and the experiences other innocence organizations have endured while representing their clients in clemency/commutation hearings.

201: Intermediate