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Julie Baumer

Julie Baumer is an exoneree whose case centered on debunking the myths about Shaken Baby Syndrome. Julie was convicted in 2005 of child abuse stemming from injuries sustained by her infant nephew while he was under her care. Julie's attorneys showed the baby's brain scans to some of the world's leading experts in pediatric head injuries, and those experts unanimously agreed that the baby had suffered a stroke and had not been abused. Faced with this new evidence, the judge overturned Julie's conviction, and she was released from prison in December 2009 after four years of wrongful incarceration, and was officially exonerated on October 15, 2010. Today, Julie is an Administrative Assistant for a local parish in her area; in addition, to supplement her humble income she owns and operates a silk screen and embroidery business, www.lilharryscloset.com.