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Obie Anthony

Obie Anthony is the founder and president of Exonerated Nation, and he knows all too well the challenges faced by those who have been wrongfully convicted. Anthony was given a life sentence for murder he did not commit in 1994. He was incarcerated for 17 years. Upon his exoneration in 2011, he had to learn on his own how to establish his life again, from the seemingly mundane task of securing identification documents and finding a place to live and a career. Anthony decided that his he needed to lend his voice to the wrongful conviction movement. After successfully winning a lawsuit in California for his wrongful conviction, Anthony’s activism was instrumental in the passage of California AB 672 in October 2015, now known as Obie’s Law. Obie’s Law requires the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure that all eligible exonerees released from the state prison receive up to one year of transitional services including job training, housing assistance, and mental health services. AB 672 also provides a free valid identification card and a free driver’s license to eligible exonerees.